During our lifetime the path to a successful career has morphed into a maze of complex twists and turns, and only those with a GPS system or a helium balloon on a long string have a fighting chance of reaching our goal or being rescued. Lawyers are usually those who counsel others, however, we bring you some useful tips for every lawyer.

Treat Everyone Like a Prospective Client

Anyone who is connected to the firm in any way will form an opinion of you that they will share when asked. This includes opposing counsel, the photocopy repair-person, the caterer, candidates interviewing for a position and anyone you hand a business card to. Treat everyone as if they are about to refer you new work.

Communicate With Care

Take time to understand how your messages are received, regardless of whether the recipient is a client, colleague or staff member. Consider your tone of voice, body language or choice of words and whether they will be received in the manner in which you intend.

Build Strong Relationships – Inside and Out

Your relationships with everyone inside and outside your firm matter.  Keep them strong by returning e-mails, phone calls and other enquiries promptly. Ask your assistant to help you during your busiest times, but do acknowledge those who have taken their time to reach out to you. This demonstrates your respect  for others and will reflect well on you and your firm.

Never Stand Still

Whether you’re in an internal meeting or speaking with a client or prospect, ask “Shall we go ahead, then?” or “What’s our next step?” Keep your practice and your firm moving forward by making advancements. Even a small step counts.

Work for Free

Throw in a freebie for your best clients once in a while. It will be so unexpected that your client will be delighted. Ask if their will is up to date, offer to do their conveyance or enlist your librarian or marketing professional to help with a special project – all non-billable, of course.

 Dress to Impress

Your image counts. Wear the best clothes your budget can handle. Get help from a stylist in your favourite clothing store to maintain, or develop, a look that’s sharp and current. Take care to get skirts and pants hemmed correctly and professionally and have shirts crisply pressed. Polish those shoes, and please, socks match the pants, not the shoe.

Listen Up

The all-time challenge for some lawyers is simply to stop talking and start listening. Really listening. Not just the pretend listening where you’re really only waiting for your turn to hold the conch. I mean active listening, where you’re absorbing what’s being shared with you.

Be Helpful

The process of learning what you can do for another person will lead to opportunities not normally discovered. For instance, we can share our thoughts and opinions, introduce people within our network, provide solutions to a problem, or help identify goals and objectives.

Always Exceed Expectations

Deliver more than you promise and you’ll often delight your clients!

This article was a guestpost provided by the team over at John Bales attorneys, we hope you enjoyed it !