Modern times shows that privacy becomes very important and precious thing. In this article we provide some useful informations for you to protect your privacy on internet.

Many people closes the windows and locks doors and also uses paper scrapper machine to protect their privacy. When using their PC they install an antivirus program, to be safe from identity stealing. At the same time all that people surf on the web every day without knowing if their web browser is secure, and if their personal informations are really private.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much time for someone with bad intensions to use website to peek into your private data or install spyware on your PC. Even worse, sometimes all you need to do is to randomly click somewhere on the website to enable access to your data and leave it be used in worst ways.

There are some security settings that you can set up over performance panels on your browser, and there is more than 150 extensions which main purpose is to provide security of your privacy and safety. This extensions are easy to install, and it can be set up for quite short time, some of them do all itself by reseting your browser.

One of the best ways to protect your PC is to prohibit web browser to use java script on web sites. Java script, altough very useful for creating dynamic and functional web sites also gained bad reputation as a tool for doing bad to unready users. It means that whenever you visit website that uses java script you privacy is vulnerable, and you might become victim of hackers.

NoScript is an addin for Firefox, which will enable that every websitethat uses java script must ask your permission before starts. NoScript can completly incapaticate web sites that uses java script intensively, and simultaneously provide a list of „ white“ web sites, that are safe, and you can expand that list to fasten up your expirience in internet surfing.

A lot of users use Tor software for hiding their habits in online surfing. Tor provides a way of masking and unmasking on your web browser on air, without need to be anonymous all the time you surf.

Log files record all history of your surfing, and provide informations that enables faster and more eficient internet surfing. Unfortunately, skilled hackers can trace them and see precisely where have you been. Clearing this logs after every surf session will slow you down, but luckily, there is another way. You don’t need to delete your data, but hide them with SafeHistory.

Some of the most sensitive informations on internet can be found in e-mail messages, thats why a lot of people usually codes their messages. Extension gmail S/MIME codes gmail messages, including attachements.

SecurePasswordGenerator is small extension that lays in your tools line and helps you create passwords. Most of criminal activity on internet will be defeated if you use complex and different passwords every time you register on any web site. Use this tool to create unique passwords anywhere you log.