Medical Malpractice in Tampa – When it Happens…

Anyone who has had the misfortune of becoming a victim of medical malpractice can tell you how much of a devastating effect it can have on those who have been afflicted, their families and friends also. In order to compose an medical malpractice claim, there must exist some basic requirements:medical-malpractice

Medical Malpractice

  • A doctor-patient relationship was established

A physician-patient relationship with the doctor you are suing must be proven.

  • You can prove the doctor was negligent

Being unhappy with the results of a treatment or medical care are not grounds for medical malpractice. A doctor must be negligent by not being skillful or careful in your diagnosis or treatment.

  • The doctor’s negligence was responsible for causing the injury

Again, a medical expert may be necessary in order to testify that the doctor’s negligence caused the injury. The reason is because many medical malpractice cases involve patients who were already injured or sick.

  • Specific damages resulted from the injury

You can’t sue for malpractice damages if you did not suffer any harm, even if it is obvious that the doctor performed below the expected standards set forth in his or her filed of work.

Types of injuries patients do sue for include:

– Physical pain

– Mental Anguish

– Additional medical bills

– Lost work / earning capacity

* If you feel you do not meet the requirements above, you should still consult with an attorney just to be sure.

Here are some tips to help you getting a better settlement:

  • Begin preparing as soon as possible

The moment you first suspect or realize you have become a victim of medical malpractice, you should immediately contact a malpractice attorney. In Florida, the statute of limitations allow a victim only two years to file their lawsuit. In addition, medical malpractice cases can be time consuming to pursue. Remmember this!

  • Be aware of your time limits:

Often times you may not know you’ve been a victim of medical malpractice unless you’ve had a follow-up with another doctor and they have been critical of what the previous doctor did. It is rare that another doctor would be willing to get involved in malpractice litigation, for many reasons.

  • Collect your medical records and documents

This will help ensure the investigation goes smoothly and uncovers all of the important facts and details relating to your case. Although your attorney can request these records, you can save a great deal of time if you just get them together and in chronological order yourself.

  • Assemble a timeline and narrative

Your medical records alone will not be sufficient enough to paint a good picture of what happened in your situation. You’re going to want to put as much detail into explaining the sequence of events as possible, from beginning to the present. The best way is to take time to write hronologiccaly everything what happened.

medical_malpractice-Feel free to ask questions

You should not be afraid to ask us any questions at any time. Don’t let anything to case, rather ask everything that you might not unerstand.

Internet Privacy Tips

Modern times shows that privacy becomes very important and precious thing. In this article we provide some useful informations for you to protect your privacy on internet.

Many people closes the windows and locks doors and also uses paper scrapper machine to protect their privacy. When using their PC they install an antivirus program, to be safe from identity stealing. At the same time all that people surf on the web every day without knowing if their web browser is secure, and if their personal informations are really private.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much time for someone with bad intensions to use website to peek into your private data or install spyware on your PC. Even worse, sometimes all you need to do is to randomly click somewhere on the website to enable access to your data and leave it be used in worst ways.

There are some security settings that you can set up over performance panels on your browser, and there is more than 150 extensions which main purpose is to provide security of your privacy and safety. This extensions are easy to install, and it can be set up for quite short time, some of them do all itself by reseting your browser.

One of the best ways to protect your PC is to prohibit web browser to use java script on web sites. Java script, altough very useful for creating dynamic and functional web sites also gained bad reputation as a tool for doing bad to unready users. It means that whenever you visit website that uses java script you privacy is vulnerable, and you might become victim of hackers.

NoScript is an addin for Firefox, which will enable that every websitethat uses java script must ask your permission before starts. NoScript can completly incapaticate web sites that uses java script intensively, and simultaneously provide a list of „ white“ web sites, that are safe, and you can expand that list to fasten up your expirience in internet surfing.

A lot of users use Tor software for hiding their habits in online surfing. Tor provides a way of masking and unmasking on your web browser on air, without need to be anonymous all the time you surf.

Log files record all history of your surfing, and provide informations that enables faster and more eficient internet surfing. Unfortunately, skilled hackers can trace them and see precisely where have you been. Clearing this logs after every surf session will slow you down, but luckily, there is another way. You don’t need to delete your data, but hide them with SafeHistory.

Some of the most sensitive informations on internet can be found in e-mail messages, thats why a lot of people usually codes their messages. Extension gmail S/MIME codes gmail messages, including attachements.

SecurePasswordGenerator is small extension that lays in your tools line and helps you create passwords. Most of criminal activity on internet will be defeated if you use complex and different passwords every time you register on any web site. Use this tool to create unique passwords anywhere you log.

Tips for Every Lawyer

During our lifetime the path to a successful career has morphed into a maze of complex twists and turns, and only those with a GPS system or a helium balloon on a long string have a fighting chance of reaching our goal or being rescued. Lawyers are usually those who counsel others, however, we bring you some useful tips for every lawyer.

Treat Everyone Like a Prospective Client

Anyone who is connected to the firm in any way will form an opinion of you that they will share when asked. This includes opposing counsel, the photocopy repair-person, the caterer, candidates interviewing for a position and anyone you hand a business card to. Treat everyone as if they are about to refer you new work.

Communicate With Care

Take time to understand how your messages are received, regardless of whether the recipient is a client, colleague or staff member. Consider your tone of voice, body language or choice of words and whether they will be received in the manner in which you intend.

Build Strong Relationships – Inside and Out

Your relationships with everyone inside and outside your firm matter.  Keep them strong by returning e-mails, phone calls and other enquiries promptly. Ask your assistant to help you during your busiest times, but do acknowledge those who have taken their time to reach out to you. This demonstrates your respect  for others and will reflect well on you and your firm.

Never Stand Still

Whether you’re in an internal meeting or speaking with a client or prospect, ask “Shall we go ahead, then?” or “What’s our next step?” Keep your practice and your firm moving forward by making advancements. Even a small step counts.

Work for Free

Throw in a freebie for your best clients once in a while. It will be so unexpected that your client will be delighted. Ask if their will is up to date, offer to do their conveyance or enlist your librarian or marketing professional to help with a special project – all non-billable, of course.

 Dress to Impress

Your image counts. Wear the best clothes your budget can handle. Get help from a stylist in your favourite clothing store to maintain, or develop, a look that’s sharp and current. Take care to get skirts and pants hemmed correctly and professionally and have shirts crisply pressed. Polish those shoes, and please, socks match the pants, not the shoe.

Listen Up

The all-time challenge for some lawyers is simply to stop talking and start listening. Really listening. Not just the pretend listening where you’re really only waiting for your turn to hold the conch. I mean active listening, where you’re absorbing what’s being shared with you.

Be Helpful

The process of learning what you can do for another person will lead to opportunities not normally discovered. For instance, we can share our thoughts and opinions, introduce people within our network, provide solutions to a problem, or help identify goals and objectives.

Always Exceed Expectations

Deliver more than you promise and you’ll often delight your clients!

This article was a guestpost provided by the team over at John Bales attorneys, we hope you enjoyed it !


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